Update the Lobyco brand

About Lobyco

Lobyco is the backbone of the retailer Coop Denmark’s loyalty platform. The company was founded in 2020 in Copenhagen and the goal is to deliver loyalty services to retailers all over the world.

The logo were a bit doll and was never given the love and attention that it deserved. Most of the competitors had brandmarks and we needed a stronger icon style to support the communication of the +200 employees

The goal

After the first two years where we startet out with a temporary name and a simple logo based on Coop Denmark’s own font.

We wanted to have a stronger logo that had a modern touch and with a brandmark that could be used for many different purposes.

It was important for the executive management team that we didn’t created a whole new brand that where to expensive to implement and cost to many money

The brand needed a more rich color scheme that was more powerful and with more saturation than earlier.

A clear icon and illustration style to visualize the products and strategy of the company.

A proper brand portal with easy access for all employees.


The team for being creative

The process

We used figma to collect great examples of others work
We analyzed the competitors
We investigated in SAAS companies and looked at visual trends

The challenge with google fonts on PowerPoint for mac

The outcome


We adjustet the colors and added another contrast full dark blue color instead of having most of the colors in the green spectrum.

We kept the same workfont

The new brand was very well received

My role

As head of design I planned the process and made sure to have all stakeholders on the journey. distributed all the assets and got feedback and wishes.