Seminar med Donna Spencer: Interaction design

Jeg har idag været til et spændende seminar med Donna Spencer, en dygtig informationsarkitekt, interaktionsdesigner og forfatter. Som hun selv siger det så er det bare nogle flotte titler der fortæller at hun får ting på skærmen til at virke forstående og tiltrækkende.

    This master class will cover: 

  • Human attributes – vision, visual attention, memory, error, intuition & habit
  • Design process – conducting user research, developing personas, writing scenarios
  • Designing – sketching, iterating and prototyping
  • Interface flow & layout – posture, structure & flow; components & patterns
  • Communicating design

The format of the workshop combines short lectures, group discussion and hands‐on activities. Extensive notes and resources will be provided for further personal exploration.

Learning objectives

After the workshop, the participants will have:

  • An understanding of human attributes that affect how we design
  • Learned key principles of how to design workflow and lay out an interface
  • Hands‐on experience with key design techniques
  • Experience working through a mini project
  • Shared skills with other practitioners

Target audience

  • Web practitioners who need to do interaction design themselves or become better at evaluating the services of consultants
  • Beginners to interaction design
  • People working in related roles who need to undertake interaction design
  • Intermediate interaction designers who have experience, but have never had formal introduction to the fundamentals.

Link til Donna Spencers hjemmeside

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